Can anyone help me with a couple of questions?

Hi Everyone,

I have a Raspberry Pi 3b+ running Volumio V2, with a WD PiDrive 250GB attached via USB (The PiDrive came with a special splitter cable that connects the drive via USB, and also provides power to the drive and the Pi)

I have the GPIO control plugin installed, this is currently just driving a single LED to indicate power on. I also have the rotary encoder plugin installed and have finally managed to get the Pydpiper plugin working to drive a small i2c 16x2 LCD display. This brings me to the first question:

One of the options in the encoder plugin is to ‘scroll list’. Scroll what list exactly? I haven’t got any encoders connected up at the moment, but when I did I set one to this option but it did nothing at all - it had zero effect on any list I had showing in the web UI, does it integrate with pydpiper somehow? If so, how do I configure this, or is it automagical? I would like to be able to scroll through albums/artists/playlists/web radio stations etc all via the LCD and encoder, and use the button click on same encoder to select, is this possible, independent of the web UI, as a second option? If you can’t do this then I don’t see the point in the LCD??

My second question is, I want to be able to access the drive over a network via Windows 10 Explorer, so I can add, organise or edit music stored on the disk. It is a bit of a pain to have to disconnect the drive and plug it directly into my main PC to carry out these tasks. I managed to get explorer to ‘see’ the drive, I can navigate to the drive now and see files but I cannot add anything, or else edit something already on there - I do not have permission, however I cannot find any way to add permissions. There is no easy option within the web UI, and I haven’t been able to find a guide to do this via SSH in Putty or similar. Can anyone help?

I have to add that I am not a Linux expert, I have some coding experience but not for things like this. Any help would be very much appreciated, but please bear in mind I might not understand what you’re saying unless you can explain step by step, or point me towards some in depth guides relevant to what I am asking.

Kind regards