Can anyone do an "Idiots guide to adding BBC radio streams"

I have tried a few times but do not get anything working, it seems straightforward using the GUI but is there something which needs to be done in the background? Can these be added to the default radio list? A lot of people will listen to 6music and radio 4.

PS well done everyone involved, I have been using volume for a few years and it just keeps getting better!

I think these are correct and working streams

6Music … 71494dd66f

Radio 4 … 43718a0c7f

Use this and add in “My web Radios”

Perfect! Thanks very much. Several streams but could not get any to work, this does.

I don’t use any BBC channels myself , but what I read it can be tricky to find the stream

But you can always try @mrhk13 's metode to find out the url for Tunein radio streams.

Good luck :smiley:

BBC list of URLs for Volumio - just add them to My Web Radio as above…

You can find a full list of URLs, here: … adio-urls/

Tried these and they work - local BBC radio often transmits the same programme in the evening.