CALL FOR MODERATORS - Let's make this community better

Hi Everyone!
As you might have noticed, since the release of Volumio2 this forum has become quite a messy place: finding the proper info is more difficult and there are questions which have been asked lot of times.
Therefore I’m here to ask some of you to come and join us in the forum maintenance. The goals will be:

  • Help people in need, replying and reporting questions to a FAQ Thread, so we can keep the most asked questions here for quick retrieval
  • Delete and\or merge duplicated posts
  • Provide useful feedbacks to improve the overall experience
  • Help us reorganize the forum layout (it really needs a makeover!)

For everyone wishing to dedicate a bit of their time to our project, my huge thanks in advance!
Please reply with your topic if you’re interested, and if you’ve a preference for the topic you would like to dedicate let us know as well!