Call for Moderators - Help Volumio community grow

Dear Folks,
as this project is growing, I’m realizing that it would be really helpful to have some of you working a little to keep this community tidy and clean. So here I am asking for some Volunteers Moderators.
Basically what this forum needs is some people unifying duplicated topics (a lots)! Mark useful forums as sticky and solved, and move threads when needed. This could be done in few minutes\week, if we can share the workload.
This will make this community better and make informations more accessible for everybody.

What mods will have is everlasting gratitude from me and from the community, and little audio gizmos as gift! Let’s share those toys!

So, come on people!

Michelangelo, if you would be happy to have me as one of a team of moderators I will do my utmost to assist where possible (at least in the short term)

Very best regards,


Hi Michelangelo,

for the past months, i have been looking for an open source project i could throw myself into. And one day i discovered Volumio (Raspify actually) and this community. It was when i decided to make a move to dematerialized music by ripping all my CDs into ALAC (yes, i switched to Mac after 13 loyal years with Windows)

My background now : i’m a working as a web developper with some Linux knowledge. I have always been more like Linux + PHP + MySQL than Windows + .Net (or even ASP when i started :laughing: ) + SQL server. I trully believe in open source. And i’m a big fan of your project. So to be honnest my main skill is more IT oriented than HiFi. Even if … :wink:

My setup : Volumio 1.4 running on, alternatively, a Raspberry PI and a Cubox-i4Pro (even if it has been a long way until i can enjoy the music from my remote NAS). ALAC files are stored on a Synoolgy DS 411Slim NAS. My amp is a Peachtree Decco65 ( and the Cubox is connected via USB. The speakers are Athom Sirrocco 2.0 ( made by a little french company based in my home town.

I have no experience as a forum admin but i already read most of the post on these forums. I am passionate and i am happy to offer my help to support this project i believe in.


Hi Michelangelo,
i can offer you my help for moving threads, closing the solved one´s and mark the useful one´s as sticky.
But i can´t give help in programming, solving bugs or anything like that.

greetings joda2

Gordon, I’m happy and honored to read that from you.

Thanks esseki, Volumio is growing thanks to guys like you. So, whatever your apport will be, it will be super useful. Thanks for the nice words and what a nice system you have! (clever matchings, IMHO)

Joda, perfect. That is what we need.

So, guys. Let’s wait some more days then we’ll set up the team and start coordinating the work. I’m starting to set everything to get started with this. I must admit I’m really happy to see this attitude here.

Hi Michelangelo,
I’m not a developper
I’m not coder,
I really love your project
I’m just passionate by hifi and technology for over 20 years.
After several years of break Volumio and Raspberry and allowed me to return to this passion with this part ofDIY so exciting!
If I can help in way or another I’d be happy!
P-S I’m using linux for 17 years, compiling kernel, X, and plenty of soft just for fun :wink: and I really believe in open source!

Thank you guys for your help. We are ready to get started. You have PMs :wink: