Caching of Tidal album/artist/song information ?


One thing I’ve noticed when using the Tidal integration in MyVolumio that is quite frustrating is that it seems to cache the data for albums/artists/songs from your Tidal account for an unknown period of time without refreshing it or providing a way to force a refresh.

For example if I add an Album to “My Collection” in the Tidal desktop or iOS app, it immediately (next time I return to My Collection) appears in the other of the two showing that Tidal immediately sync this data to other devices on the same account, however it will not appear under Tidal->My Music->Albums in Volumio until after Volumio is rebooted.

As there is no way to add artists/albums/songs found in Volumio to your Tidal account (only in a Volumio local Playlist) this is quite a serious limitation - for example if I find an album I like the only way to add it to my Tidal account for all devices is to use the Tidal iOS/Windows/Browser client and add it from there, however I then have to reboot Volumio for it to appear there as well. :frowning:

Is there any way to disable or reduce the time this data is cached in Volumio so that I can quickly access updated album/artists/song lists in Tidal within Volumio ? Or something to click on to force Volumio to refetch all the metadata for the account without a reboot ?

Although I can’t check now as my Qobuz trial ran out I believe this same issue of having to reboot Volumio to sync with Qobuz occured there too.