Button question

Hello, I have an Audiophonics saber DAC with a push button and led, can I replace the button with another one without led by connecting C and NC? It would be nice for a smaller case, but I don’t know how the card will react

Do I have to do additional manipulations or I could switch on with the button and switch off from the volumio interface?


it would just work no led will give you no change to the action of the button.
and on of button uses gpio3 and ground i use a external script for that. but there are a few ways.

with this link you can see how to test it if you have the right switch

this just works, you just have to make sure that the button is a momentary switch and not one with a fixed position.

Thank you for your help, I connected the button and it works as on your advice, however I wanted to install the audiophonics plugin to switch on and off but I don’t know if the tutorial for installation on Volumio V2 is V3 compatible

Tuto for V2 : Tutoriel I-sabre V3 + Volumio2 : Gestion d'alimentation - Forum Audiophonics.fr

But on the github there is this

Do you think I can follow these steps and it will be OK for volumio? Even if the button has no LED it seems to me that the audiophonics card has an LED so I still have to do the installation part of the status led

And there is also this part, is it necessary? I don’t understand what it is for

I don’t know which pin numbers are used for that audiophonics dac but you could try the audiophonics on/off plugin.
it is in the plugin store for volumio 3 I also use it in combination with an audiophonics power management.

This one.