Busybox issue: sh: can't access tty: job control turned off

I download it the ‘volumio-2.565-2019-03-12-pi.img’, but burn it into a USB disk.
Plug it in and power on, system report this issue.

Can anyone help me why and how? My USB disk is sandisk 8GB.

Don’t think the pi supports USB boot (yet) - you need to burn a SD card and boot your pi from that.

Incorrect. The Raspberry Pi 3 models support full USB boot without SD card, if it is correctly enabled.
For other models it is possible to use a modified bootcode.bin on the microSD and then also fully boot from an attached USB drive (I have one Pi running stable like that). This latter option only works with one drive attached though.

If it’s your first time trying Volumio, maybe it’s easy to start with an SD card first to make sure everything works? I know theoretically should work the same, but one can never be sure.

Sure - I meant the (off the shelf) Volumio distribution and not the actual hardware.

It actually did boot off the usb disk, proof is the message from our initramfs.
But please notice: it is not about what a PI could do, it is what Volumio currently supports on this platform.
Anything else than SD won’t work at the moment.

@gkkpch is this true for x86 hardware? I’m getting the same message when I boot on 2 different x86 devices, but I see many references to booting from USB memory disk drives, so I assume I have a different problem.

No it should not be.
Please report your issue in the x86-hardware-issues-wifi-dac-disks-boot-etc thread.
Don’t forget to give as much as possible details about your hardware (brand/model etc).
Usually this is a bios issue, but it could also be something else.
Are you trying to boot Volumio 2? If so, also try the Volumio 3 beta.
Answer this in the above mentioned thread please, I’l pick it up from there.

ok, no need, I moved your post to the appropriate place.
Next time, please don’t post an issue in different places, just causes us moderators extra work and different devs to react on same content.

@gkkpch - ok. no problem, and sorry. Still finding my way round - I was stuck and was looking around for the best place to ask the question. I’ll look in the other thread now. Thanks for your help.