Build volumio for orange pi H2 lite

Is it possible to port volumio 2 or volimio 1 for orange pi lite?

I tryed to build image by myself


but it builds with a lot of strange warnings and the result is not bootable

./ -b armv7 -d armbian_orangepizero_legacy -v 2.0

Did you meet all re-requisites for building on Ubuntu, including our advice re. multistrap?
I would need a log of your complete build process, otherwise it is impossible to say anything (except that help is limited, we don’t have orange pi lite’s).

you may have to pull the repo, we had a issues on a number of devices with non-booting images. It could be, your’s was affected too and has to be rebuilt.


any success in building a working version?
Would be interesting. This device is very cheap AND has a good sound chip on board…


The armbian build script seems to be for older generation Allwinner devices. It would be great to get it up and running on the Orange Pi One/Lite.
For a start - change this

I don’t have much time now, but I am willing to put in a some time soon to getting Volumio up and running on the Opi One/Lite? (Given that they have decent mainline support, expose the I2S, and are the definition of “Cheap and cheerful” :smiley:)

Please be aware, the Orange PI Lite only has 512Mb of memory.
It is half the recommended 1Mb for new volumio devices .
You may encounter difficulties getting a proper working volumio version and we will not be able to support it.

I have been running Volumio2 on a pi Zero (512Mb Ram) quite fine for about a year now. But I am guessing, the pi zero isn’t an officially supported device either right?

It is.

I was referring to new volumio devices.
Getting the PI zero to work with volumio was not without issues, the same can be expected when porting to an H2 Lite