Build Volumio 2 image from source: Can't ssh


I’m struggling while trying to build Volumio 2 from source.

Background: I’m building a digital audio player with Volumio using a Raspberry Pi 3 and the official Raspberry Touch Display. It is working good so far. But there was a regression in the Raspberry firmware which hinders the correct handling of the display’s backlight (see This should be fixed in the firmware from Dec 3, 2016.

So I decided to build a custom image for Volumio 2 using a later firmware. I was able to build an image (following the instructions at and it worked so far, but I’m not able to connect via ssh anymore. I can connect via Volumio’s web interface and do the usual setup (wlan, usb-dac) and play audio.

ssh client prompts for password but the server immediately closes the connection afterwards. I wasn’t able to find any useful information in the journal, even after enabling debug logging for sshd (I can log on via the console). This happens with a completly untampered build script, too (no firmware bump).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. What is the recommended system to build a Volumio image? (I was using a fresh - virtualized - debian 8.6 install).


Ok, I found this:

So, this is most likely not an issue with my build environment.