Build RFID plugin for kids-enabled music player

Hi all,

I want to build a kids-enabled music player, where kids can just tab a RFID card on the player and the according depicted music is played - like the toonies product.

So far I have implemented a working script for mocp on Raspberry Zero inspired by Musikrakete using RFID instead of QR codes.

Now I would like to convert this to a plugin for Volumio as it provides a great core, UI and Spotify is already integrated.

My use cases:

  • Touch player with RFID card to initiate playback
  • Play a single track (file, stream, spotify)
  • Play an album (files in folder, playlist, spotify)
  • Play/pause, skip within album via external buttons
  • Bonus: assign track or album to RFID card - within the plugin
  • Bonus: track position in Spotify to be able to resume in audiobooks later

My technical questions:

  1. Can this be done in a plugin, especially RFID polling in a continuous loop?
  2. Should this be a user-interface plugin?
  3. What’s the best way to interact with Volumio, internal calls or external API?
  4. Can I create a simple UI to map RFID with target within Volumio? Or should I better have a separate web UI? Can I place that within the existing web server or start my own server from within the plugin?
  5. Is it possible to track position in spotify like every 5 secs and later load the album again and continue the last played track (at the last position).


Hi bluepuma,

really great idea! I have exactly the same usecase but unfortunately my programming skills are by far not good enough to get this running under Volumio! :frowning:

So a plugin would be veeery much appreciated! Keep up the good work! User developement seems to have gone back alot since MyVolumio subscriptions started! :frowning:

Cheers Raendy

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Hi! Nice to see some have a similar project.
I actually got this working by using the following setup on top of my raspberry pi volumio:

  • ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini in my case)
  • MFRC522

My ESP8266 just connect via wifi, store a list of accepted rfid tags, and depending on the tags, trigger an action to the REST API.

Here is the arduino code, which is, at the moment, in a really early stage, but works:

I also designed a 3d printed box, for this material, will publish it once everything is finished.

I posted the details here: rfid-playlist-launcher-t14351.html

Did you ever get to developing this? I’d love similar functionality. I made a Raspi4 music player with RFID using Phoniebox which does all of the use cases you describe (but works on local files rather than Spotify) and rather than rebuild my Volumio player, adding an RFID reader would be so much easier…