Suggestion for improvement

How does volumio behave when another source is mounted? The files are read. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop the read-in process. Deleting the file path is reported as not possible. Nevertheless, it is deleted from the list, the reading process continues. There is no way to stop him.

Only a restart stops the search for the newly added source, and although the path is no longer present, the database contains the additional entries after the restart. Refresh changes the result back to correct values.

Would it not be sensible to stop the read-in process. For example, because you chose a wrong source when mounting. The restart would be omitted, since after the stop via “update” the DB would be brought up to date.

Why do pluss symbols appear in front of the found sources, an empty field appears after clicking on it, which makes no sense, it would suffice to mark the source to be mounted.