Bug with Realtek wifi dongles

Hi, Volumio is a great distro to put out there for everyone. Thanks for all the hard work.

I seem to be running into a bug involving some combination of Realtek wifi dongles, shairport, and IOS 7 airplay.

On boot, everything is fine, but when system is allowed to go idle for about 20-25 minutes, then Volumio stops being found via airplay on IOS 7. But I can still use airplay on my desktop macs. Also, there are no problems with the Web gui, nor ssh. Only IOS 7 airplay seems to be affected. Occasionally toggling airplane mode on the phones will bring Volumio back.

Both Realtek 8188 and 8192 chipsets seem to be affected and I’ve ruled out poor wifi reception. My 3rd wifi dongle is a Ralink RT5370 and it runs without a problem.

lot of problems with realtek dongle here too.
it makes pi crash on airplay, uploading in ramplay and with webradios.

today I’ve changed my old RT8192 adapter with an RT5370 (9€ in a chinese shop) and all problems disappeared. now everything works perfectly, I can upload into RAM while airplaying or listening a FLAC from NAS without problem. boot and association with the ap is also faster.