[BUG volumio 1.51] UPNP source doesn't appear in UI

Hello, thanks for this awesome distribution. I used 1.4 on my Raspberry B+ with my NAS (in UPNP server) fine. Then I upgraded to volumio 1.51…

  • I activated the UPNP/DLNA indexing function.
  • Then it seems that my Raspberry worked like crazy (djmount high CPU usage). I have 6200 FLAC songs to index
  • I slept
  • The following morning everything was calm like the indexation finished but I didn’t have the UPNP menu in the UI, only the webradio.

My setting :

  • Volumio 1.51
  • Raspberry B+
  • Ethernet connection
  • External Objective DAC

Thanks for any help.

Hi Didier,

I don’t use Volumio as a server myself but I have seen quite a lot of posts recently referring to Library “bugs” with V>1.5. Check out some of the recent topics as you might find something useful.


Hello. Thanks for reply.

To be clear : the server is the NAS and the part of volumio is only to index the NAS music :slight_smile:



I confirm the bug.

This time I found the workaround. By enabling the library tab (second tab), I can access my music. So it is found indeed. But it doesn’t appears in the first tab like it was before in the “UPNP” item, just under “Webradio” item. That’s a shame because it was the way my NAS displayed it it was also interesting to have this view.


Let me just clarify the problem. You say on latest version the browser window doesn’t show upnp as before so as a result you don’t see the NAS drive serving up the music ? I will make my own test too. What NAS Drive and server software do you use ?

I think we may need VOLUMIO team to describe what the function for media indexing is. I would understand if one is creating an index of files then you have the intention to serve the files and the index gives quick access to these files. Can one of Volumio team please clarify the intention of this option ?


Hello NWTStuff,

The option of UPNP/DLNA media indexing is clear (because I used it before): it allows the volumio device to scan your network and find music on your UPNP music server (mine is a synology D414j). Then you can use it as any other music. I use it so I can play it directly from the UI. The sound signal is coming from my DAC, connected via USB to my Raspberry.

Before, I had, in the browse menu, a UPNP item to navigate to the (cached) NAS directory. Now it’s gone.

UPDATE since my previous post:
My library contains more than 6000 music (FLAC of my CD). It was showing in the library tab (not in the browse tab) when I was indexing it. Now that the index is complete it doesn’t shows up. It’s like the UI try to load something then it times out and display an empty library. While the page is loading a process called php5-fpm takes a lot of CPU.

UPDATE 2 : when I use the search box of the Browse menu, I can find music. But of course, it can’t be used as the regular music browsing interface!

I’ve got the same problem here. I can see the UPNP mount on the file system, browsing is possible. It just does not show in the UI.

Regards, p0lar

+1 Same thing.

We can see the upnp servers on WEBUI. :frowning:

I warm up the old thread. I also experienced the same problem.
Therefore, I did a bit of research. It turned out that this is a problem WebUI.
To overcome this, I inserted to /var/www/js/volumio.api.js after line 283 following lines:

} else if (inputArr[i].directory == 'UPNP') { // This is the UPNP root folder content += '"><div class="db-icon db-folder db-browse"><i class="fa fa-code-fork icon-root sx"></i></div><div class="db-action"><a class="btn" href="#notarget" title="Actions" data-toggle="context" data-target="#context-menu-root"><i class="fa fa-reorder"></i></a></div><div class="db-entry db-folder db-browse">';
I hope this will help you


Thanks for your help… But can you explain ow to change the /var/www/js/volumio.api.js. I’m quite new on linux.