Bug? NFS not mounted at boot


i added an NFS share with the GUI and the shared music files were discovered just fine. The problem is that after the next reboot the folder /mnt/NAS/server is just empty, and “# mount” does not list the NFS share. Playback of the relevant files doesn’t work.
After mounting the share manually with

mount -t nfs ipadress:/folder /mnt/NAS/server

everything worked fine.
I couldn’t find anything in the fstab, so i added the mount there. I’m going to check if the fstab entry works after the next reboot.
Did anyone else have this problem? It looks like a bug to me, that the added NFS shares are not mounted.
Or are we supposed to add NFS shares manually to fstab?

Hi tpman,

For a while I couldn’t get my NAS to mount either, but I wrote up my solution and they very kindly turned it into a guide. My guess is you need to get into your NAS and export the file system as described here:


Hope that helps…


I’m sorry, but your answer is not helpful at all. Have you even read my post? I said that the share mounts fine, just not automatically at boot.

I know how to setup nfs. That’s not the problem.
By the way, here is a more concise guide.

Sorry I butted in then. I guess you’re on your own. Some might think that’s not a bad thing…

Appending an entry for the nfs share to fstab did the trick:

ipaddress:/music /mnt/NAS/server nfs defaults 0 0

On a side note, NEVER hit the update library button unless you are 100% sure that the nfs share is mounted, or your library is lost, and on the next update mpd needs to read everything from nfs again, which can take hours…
EDIT: I consider this a workaround, and not a solution, because it can only be done over ssh, not in the webinterface.