BubbleUPNP Server plugin doesn't work with new version

Hi there,

I encounter problems with Volumio versions after 2.246 not starting the BubbleUPNP Server (also after waiting hours). Also no config page on port 58050.
I did countless reinstalls from fresh images with no success.

Has anyone got it running with 2.295 or 2.296 ?

Thank you


Contact the plugin developer…

I am starting to think we should have some sort of quality control and automated testing on plugins…

Thank you Michelangelo, i did so.

Please forgive me if posting to the wrong location - but i found something really interesting that may be helpful to all other fanboys of the incredible great plugin system.
Do i better have to send it to the developer via PM ?

I just wanted to inform, i think i found the reason after doing countless installations with all older Volumio versions down to v2.201 that also did not work with the BubbleUPNP Server and so i first installed only this plugin, followed by the others i use and doing a restart after installation of each plugin as wellas testing all other plugins if still working. This way i found out that it interferes somehow with the IR controller plugin. As soon as i uninstalled - that the BubbleUPNP Server was working again.

Unfortunately i’m not able to debug the reason for that. Now i’m not sure any longer that it worked together with an older version.

I’m now testing on Volumio v2.296 on a Raspberry PI 2 with a HiFiBerry DAC Plus - to close out RasPI3 WiFi issues as well as wierd DAC issues sometimes are seen on the “upper class” DACs

Plugins working together with BubbleUPNP Server without issues (in my test setup):

BubbleUPNP Server
Youtube Playback
Backup & Restore Data
GPIO Buttons
HD44780 LCD Plugin

Plugins that cause issues:

Snapcast Server (if installed BubbleUPNP Server is still running and working - but the configuration page on port 58050 shows up but doesn’t show any values
After installation of volspotconnect2 plugin - everything is o.k again with the configuration page of snapcast

Plugins, that definitely interfere:

IR controller plugin (BubbleUPNP Server completely down - works again after deinstallation of IR plugin)

I’m not sure but it seems to me i have to install the plugins in the right order (?)
Everthing is working good now except the IR controller plugin that is still stopping BubbleUPNP Server as soon as installed (even if not activated)

Thank you all