Bubbleupnp Plugin

I was going to try using bubbleupnp Qobuz integration to see if the metadata was any better than Volumio’s. I installed the 2018 bubbleupnp server Volumio plugin but can’t get it to start. Is that a hopeless cause? Not sure why it was abandoned.
If it worked I was going to use Volumio as a renderer.

The installation of the BubbleUPnP Server does not work due to default installation of an outdated Java runtime engine. It works however after istallation of the right JRE version (8).

Install the plugin following the instructions. After the installation of the plugin is completed, execute the following commands in a SSH connection.

/opt/bin/bubbleupnpserver stop
sudo /opt/bin/ipkg install openjdk8-jre-headless
sudo sed -i ‘s/openjdk7/openjdk8/’ /opt/bin/bubbleupnpserver
/opt/bin/bubbleupnpserver start