Bubble UPnp can't find volumio on my local network

Hi to all,

before starting to talk about my issue, i know there are another posts about this question but can’t find a definitive solution.

I have a raspberry pi2 with volumio latest version connect with wired cable to 100mbit port.
I installed bubble upnp on my android device. I also buy premium and sdisabled bubble upnp to use battery …

First time i’ve installed app, tapping the “Select Library” button i can see volumio server on the list. And i correcly strem from youtube to volumio with bubleUpnp.

After the first time… i can’t see now volumio on my Upnp library with bubleUpnp.
Can’t understand why!

I reset minidlna server via ssh but nothing.

Visiting volumio:8200

ID Type IP Address
0 Generic UPnP 1.0
1 Generic UPnP 1.0
2 Unknown … (volumio)
3 Generic UPnP 1.0

I also stream with stream what you hear from my pc to volumio but only adding a local webradio.
If a choose from stream what oyu hear to volumio using dlna server can’t work.

Please can find a solution?
We have youtube plugin broken and almost other services not working anymore.


Ps: when i managed to use bubleupnp with youtube links… the single song, like the youtube plugin, stop almost at 75% of the palyback, i think beacuse the same render solution with trasconding only audio with ffmpeg without video?