“Browse” window doesn’t list anything

Hello folks.

I just set up Volumio 1.55 on my new RPi2 with HifiBerry DAC+.

Creation of my MPD database was successful but now my “Browse” window doesn’t list any item/folder/whatever.

Any ideas what’s wrong here?

Kind regards!


same with me, except no DAC right now.


PS: It’s not a problem of >10000 files. Whyever this should be a problem, I never had problems with MPD and >10000 files …

My Browse window only lists what is local (USB) and the radio - it does not list the contents of the NAS. Very frustrating! Any idea how to force it to index the attached storage?

I had a (partial) success last night. The issue was with permissions of the sub directories and files. Instead of using the inbuilt NAS mounting I set them up in fstab. Unfortunately I have had to chmod 777 on all files and directories to get them usable by Volumio. Still some research to do to bring back the permissions to something that is acceptable to me.