Browse > NAS cannot see music library

I recently reinstalled Volumio (flashed the latest image to the SD card) and the new install somehow cannot see the music library on my NAS. (Worked just fine before…)

The NAS is a Synology Diskstation DS213. Music files are stored in /volume1/music

Under Menu > Library I have the NAS mount set as NAS/DiskStation // and there is a green check-mark next to it.
The network mount settings have fileshare protocol NFS, IP address, remote directory volume1/music and username and password set to the guest login for my NAS (which has read and write permissions for the music folder).

Under the Browse menu, WebRadio and Spotify are listed consistently (and work fine) while the NAS option shows up intermittently, seemingly without rhyme or reason. and when I click on it, there is nothing in the sub-folder.

Would appreciate any assistance in figuring out what is going on.

Have you checked the files permissions on your nas? You have to ensure that user volumio is allowed to read folder.

Hi all & JoeQ,

same here - no library in the volumio browser.

The underlying mpd-database works fine and for the moment I use Cantata on a Windows notebook instead to access my Fritzbox NAS via Raspi2 / Hifiberry Digi+ and am happily enjoying now my USB-Disk with myb 30k+ songs in my living room. Still I would like the plattform independent access through any device that got a browser with it.

From reading I have got the impression that the 10k song barrier on the browser interface would be the reason for the empty library and fixing this bug was visible in the near future but not to be implemented in Volumio 1.5

So maybe somebody could confirm this - and maybe even tell us it will be solved in the next version ?
Tx in advance :slight_smile:

Same issue in browse tab => Nothing.
Library Tab => OK


Looks like others are having similar issues. In my case I solved the problem by “deleting” the mount and instead setting it up as a SAMBA setup (Windows share) which seems to be working as expected now. Hopefully it stays that way.