Browse Limits

I am new to Volumio.
Currently running 2.703.
Wireless on Raspberry Pi Zero with Audio Advantage MicroII [Sogatel SG201] USB speakers (Software volume control [Linux and Win10 do not appear to control hardware volume control])
Wireless on Raspberry Pi 3 to Audio Jack (Hardware volume control).
Audio files MP3 on Western Digital My Cloud with Twonky DLNA server (Western Digital default latest firmware - No option to upgrade Twonky).

I have noticed a number of issues with browsing the audio files on the NAS, I can browse the NAS but depending which navigation route I take, the resulting web page limits the number of files listed.

Music - Albums = Display limits at probably 100-200 files with no obvious “NEXT PAGE”/“PAGE DOWN” option.
Music - All Tracks = Similar limit to Albums with no “NEXT PAGE”/“PAGE DOWN” option.
Music - Artist = Display shows A-E and just in to F, again no “NEXT PAGE”/“PAGE DOWN” option.
Music - Artist Index = These 3 letter sub groups appear to be OK as number of entries is small enough to fit on single page.
Music - Artist Album = Looks same as Music - Artist.
Music - By Folder = This appear to be OK as number of folders at top level are small enough to fit single page.

Other browse paths appear to exhibit similar limits to number of lines.

I assume the limits are done for speed of response, as to get full list would probably cause a performance hit. But I can see no obvious page down/ page up navigation.

I do not know if the same limits occur if the files were stored locally on the Raspberry Pi SD cards, but that is not an option for me.

I have used Kodi for a number of years and that was fine with my NAS.

Also as the “Artist Index” covers all artists and albums then I guess the Ancient version of Twonky that is on my NAS is not an issue. Upgrading Twonky is not an option on my NAS due to licensing and having to hack the NAS firmware.

Does anyone else see a similar problem with accessing NAS devices?

So is anyone else able to confirm this issue or is it just me or limited to NAS located files rather than local SD card files?

Updated RaspPi ZeroW to 2.714 and still see same limit to displayed data in various browse paths/modes.

Does anyone else have similar problems that can not see all tracks/artists when browsing a DLNA/NAS source?

I confirm. there is a problem
version 2.714

Well at least it is not just me.

What is your system setup? Is it RaspPi + NAS?