Brand New To This Need Some Help

Hi, Im new to this and was looking for some help.
Ive bought raspberry pi and hifiberry Dac pro put it together and installed software to sd card using hifiberry installer , all seemed to have
went fine but when i tried connecting to it via web browser it says cant connect. I can ping raspberry pi and works fine. Tried ip address
that still didnt work. Finally just connected screen upto pi and it boots into operating system i was able to setup wifi dongle. Surf the net etc.
When i went back to try connecting to volumio on pc and phone still no joy. Am i missing something or is there away to install directly from the PI.
Hope someone can help.


Ok got it to work sort off, had to reinstall with just volumio image and not version that installed by hifiberry installer. Was eventually able to get sound but in the settings for i2s driver I can only get sound when I set it to generic. I thought there would be an option for hifiberry dac + pro can anyone help with the settings required to get best results when using dac + pro.


There isn’t a setting for the Hifiberry dac pro, you can use the hifiberry DAC + settings, but the dual clock isn’t used.