Brainstorming: What would you want from your ideal music player app?

Ok, here’s a brainstorming for the Volumio Community.

If you were to imagine the best possible music player app there is. How would it be?

What should it allow you to play/do? Where would you mainly use it? (car, running, home)

Let’s be wild guys, let us know what your dream music player app will be like.

Looking forward!

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It should be easy to use in as much as possible the way that i can use it in the car without driving offroad while switching to another webradio station, playlist or other source - as well as my grandmother would be ok to switch music without having to dive into too much sub menus.

Maybe 2 modes: “user” and “advanced” (for those who want to be able to setup the whole system using the app) ?

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And with app you mean something to be used on a mobile device, or something like volumio?
I would for sure go with the latter. As there are enough mobile apps that do te job perfectly.

  • A stable environment
  • Running from USB on the rPi, so we can say goodbye to corrupted SD cards. (as they were never intended to be used for hosting an OS. )
  • Supporting all mayor audio containers
  • BT connectivity (for using earbuds and active speakers)
  • Integration of Qobuz and Spotify
  • Library management like (mp3tag/mediamonkey,…)
  • Dynamic playlists
  • Customizable templates, so you can easy modify it to your own needs. (the current CSS is so big and difficult to read)
  • Shield core functionality from custom changes, so nothing gets lost during upgrades. So a separated folder structure, where you can place customized code. The app will load the changes in this folder over vanilla code.
  • flexibility what is shown on the home page or right bottom panel. If I desire a certain plugin on the home page, I should be able to this in a easy way. (Now I need to modify the plugins index.js)
  • basic control functions on wearables. (volume, play/pause, prev/next)

Thanks Guys, keep them coming :wink:

@Wheaten I was meaning about Music Player apps for mobile :wink: And, rather than going super deep with features, what would you love for your perfect app to do to use it everywhere everytime?

Then I can’t comment much on that.
I am using Qobuz or Spotify whenever I am driving, which I can simply control via my watch. On all other “fixed” places I have Volumio up and running.

Since we can say whatever we come up with:

  • 1 App that integrates the mayor streaming services, like Qobuz, Tidal and spotify
  • Able to play local stored files
  • BT connectivity (for using earbuds and active speakers)
  • Basic control functions on wearables. (volume, play/pause, prev/next)
  • Low energy footprint
  • and a little bit of DSP

I’d like something that I can use in my car, working together with my car stereo with Android Auto.

something like Volumio, but running on my smartphone, that I can control from the display of my car stereo

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  1. A useable playlist system - even if it’s just a txt file with one line per track

  2. multiple skins not a single one with a “maybe” we’ll have the previous ones as addons - btw, the new UI is shocking, having a blurred album cover as the background makes it look like it’s trying to attract 12 year olds and already overdone on social media platforms

  3. No streaming options as those sites are killing bands due to the pitiful low payouts to the bands

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I don’t think I’ll need more than I already have. Listening in the car (mostly Qobuz via Android Auto), and with my earbuds is way less important to me then my set at home.

For my needs a (1) superb sounding (2) stable and (3) fast and easy to use (4) fully featured Volumio OS is more than enough. And I think you doing a great job. If it would be up to me the development time and investment would go into (1) play next button, which keeps the playlist in order (2) lyrics (3) Qobuz Connect, I know you need the support of Qobuz for that (4) skins

If Volumio is gonna go this application road anyway: something that integrates Qobuz + Radio Paradise, with lyrics and artist information would be the only thing I can think of. But I am not even sure if I would use it regularly.

Keep up the good work and have a nice weekend in advance!


  • All the features of Volumio, but available on the move, including fast, reliable, secure access to my home music (NAS).

  • Simple but extensively customisable UI, much like the functionality @patrickkfkan has built into the Now Playing plugin.

  • Spotify to work reliably for everyone

  • As already mentioned above, USB boot and easy BT connectivity for headphones and speakers

  • A simple, affordable, out-of-the box system for people with minimal technical skills, including easy access to a wide range of music inputs and streaming.

  • At the same time, keeping the fully modifiable system options and plugins that we know and love.

  • Some way to reward the community developers for their work.

In the few years I’ve used Volumio, it has consistently improved and broadened its functionality, so I’m happy with the steep evolution path it’s already on. No need for a revolution perhaps.


Simple but extensively customisable UI

i would advice for a drag and drop system with all the options in a sort of plugin system
if you want to add some feature on your screen you can with a lot of flexability where to
put it and size of it ect. see it like a skin editor where we could add more options if needed.
and you really can make a custom UI the way you like it.

Add a “Recently added” option to allow perhaps the last 30 days of newly added music to be searched and selected.


Ok, I have been a user of many music platforms, and today continue to use 2 different ones.

For a lightweight platform, Volumio can’t be beaten. Quick UI. Streaming services, local drives, etc.

For my main listening system at home, I continue to use Roon. It has nearly seamless integration of Tidal into my library. So easy to just find music. I have multiple endpoints that are RasbPi based.

The development Roon has done to so seamlessly integrate Tidal is a huge advantage. I am assuming Qobuz and others are similarly easy.

I find the Tidal navigation on Volumio to be a weakpoint. Search is not great. When you search for a significant jazz artist and click on discography, you are often limited to 50 records which is insufficient when there are so many compilations and re-releases. Typically, their best albums aren’t shown, so you have to search again.

I have found that Volumio is really quite stable. I have also done some work to simplify the configuration of Volumio, and that helps. We use Volumio at a cabin and it has been really good.

I know this probably requires cooperation from them to happen, but it would be great if Deezer would integrate with Volumio. It’s one of the very few features that separate a Volumio player from bluesound and others. I ended up cancelling my Deezer account because it wouldn’t integrate like other streaming services, and I miss it. There’s just a certain special sauce that their site has when it comes to generating playlists that I miss, as well as other features that that I think make it slightly better than others.

A useable playlist system and the possibility to see and use ratings in the songs!