Boot Volumio version 1.5 on Utilite

I have a Utilite Standard and am unable to boot Volumio Version 1.5. I have followed the normal path of downloading the zip file for the Utilite, extracting the img file and burning same to an SD card. Several attempts and still unable to boot. Any suggestions please.

For info
Since posting the above I have found that Volumio 1.5 requires several consecutive reboots to bring up login screen. I have noted on my Utilite the on board wireless is defined as mlan0 and not wlan0 as coded in Volumio 1.5. Hence on my Utilite wireless will never work. I am a complete novice and can only assume that not all Utilites are the same or this would have been apparent when testing. I look forward to any help.
Ps michelangelo…joda2
I was disappoint not to have received 1.5 Beta as per your correspondence of Sun Oct 12 2014