Boot Time - Very long

Mi Raspberry with Volumio is working really well with no flaws, the only thing I noticed is long boot time.
From the moment I plug power in to the first connection with GUI takes almost 4 to 5 minutes.
Is this normal?

Accessing with SSH is possible about two minutes early.

Anyone experienced this? Is there any way to reduce boot time?


Hi, are you able to connect a monitor if only for troubleshooting purposes - this will probably give a good indication of what is “hanging” during boot-up.

Are you using wi-fi by any chance? If so then disable the ethernet port as the system will spend quite some time trying to establish a connection before giving up and then moving on to the wi-fi connection…


I noticed the same thing, basically if you are not using ethernet, it waits a hell of a long time trying to connect on eth0

so, I disabled eth0 interface as I am using wifi 100% of the time after initial setup…

edit the interfaces file

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces 

comment out as follows

#Remove the wired network because it
#slows down boot if it’s not connected.
#auto eth0
#iface eth0 inet dhcp

save, exit, reboot, happy smiles… :slight_smile:

Is there no more elegant way of skipping DHCPDISCOVER depending on link status?

I mean, I want eth0 enabled as backup but DHCPDISCOVER should only happen when ethernet is plugged in.

Can you raise this as an issue on Github?

It might be something that can be improved upon. Don’t get your hopes up though, as this is not strictly a Volumio issue.

You could try setting a static IP on eth0 which would mean it doesn’t bother with DHCP.

It seems you are talking about volumio 1.55
If yes have a look here :


yes I could suggest to review the following solution as a potential standard for the new Volumio2.
As of the question, yes, I am still on 1.55, and sure, this is a raspbian issue, not a volumio issue.

I did what was suggested, and that’s exactly what I need.
Changing the line to “allow-hotplug eth0” will abort the configuration of the ethernet interface when no cable is plugged.
What would you wanna wait for if link is not up…