Boot failed on Cubox-12eX

Greetings from Hobart, Australia

I am trying to set up my new Cubox-i2eX to run Volumio 1.4.

The Cubox boot up starts OK but then hangs with the message …

 INIT: Id "T0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

From my Mac Mini, I can see the Cubox file system on my network, so the boot has been partly completed.

On the forums I found that this release only works on Cubox-i4 and that a new release is promised for about mid July that will support all models of the Cubox-i.

Is there anything I can try in the next few days?


  • Tony

OK. I cycled the power and this time I got through to the “volumio login:” prompt.
After searching the forums I discovered I should log in as volumio/volumio (or root/v if necessary).

Logged in OK and now I can connect to volume.local from my Mac Mini.

Maybe I have missed something, but I have not found a document anywhere that tell me such things as how to log in, the options for setting up my music files/library, or what is actually included in the minimal Linux distribution. Are there documents that cover this sort of stuff for beginners?


  • Tony


Then you can do everything from the webui… No need to SSH…