boards for Volumio project

Hi everybody,

I am planning to build my own music player/renderer and i am thinking about using Volumio for this.

must have:

the board must be able to connect to a usb HD (3 TB divided in two partitions < 2 TB each, with external power supply)
the board must be able to connect to said HD via Wifi and local LAN
signal output via usb and I2S

nice to have:

minimum of 3 GB RAM, so that I can play my music from RAM better 4 GB RAM
PCIe in order to implement something like Paul Pang’s usb card
possibility to switch of the power on usb out (my DAC does not need usb power)

Questions regarding Volumio

Is there a possibility to switch of the power of the power of the external HD once the music is loaded into RAM?
If the board has not got sufficient RAM in order to play music from RAM can I store it on the SD card and play it from the SD-card?
Can I use my iphone as a remote?
Can I disable wifi (I would use a LAN connection from a wifi bridge)?
Does anybody know which signal is on which pinof the I2S?
My DAC is a audio GD Master 7 with PCM1704UK DA Converterchips, has anybody experience in connecting Volumio to this DAC via usb or I2S?
On here I found the UDOO quad core the most inticing board but it has only 1 GB RAM, on the web I found this: … 3102100003
It has got 3 GB RAM, which shoul be sufficient to load a 24/192 album in one go, does anybody know whether Volumio will work on this board?
Any other suggestions for boards with 3+ GB RAM? There do not seem many around.
I would power the board with a battery. And of course suggestions for cases for the above-mentioned board and other recommended boards are welcome.
If there is digital volume control in Volumio can I bypass it?
Is Volumio able to integrate room correction like DRC (byDenis Sbragion)?
So the plan is to either connect the HD directly to the board or to stream the music preferably via LAN (wifi only if needs be) use a battery power supply, load the play list into RAM, shut down the drive (in case it is connected directly to the board) and then play the music through my audio GD Master 7 DAC to my Preamp and active speakers.

Thanks in advance for any helpful input


Hi Tinitus,

no hardware-tip, but interesting for you?


Hi Klaus,

the page you referenced in your post is exactly the page I took my inspiration for this project from.

Best Regards