Bluetooth ?

Hi guys,
I’ve a problem, i don’t know what i have to bought…
I’m explain, i want to my Rpi (B+) will be connected with my euh… speaker (?) in Bluetooth and i don’t know if have to bought a DAC with a bluetooth key or juste the key.

Thx for your help guys and sorry for my language but i’m french

The set Raspberry + dac + volumio is a player able to play music from a usb drive, a nas, ramplay, radio and from music sent by the air (airplay or upnp) from a device such Iphone/pad or android or even a computer with windoze etc… You can remote it from any device on the same network with a web browser or a mpd client.
But, this set is to be link to your amplifier and that one to yours speakers. The real interest is the high quality you can obtain from the dac.
If what you want is only sending music to your bluetooth speakers, you don’t need all that : just send it from your device (phone, tablet, computer)
But it’s not the same thing.
And you won’t benefit of volumio high quality…

OK, i understand and thank’s for your time.
If with dac the sound is really better i will buy it !
Someone can help to choose a dac who’s compatible with volumio and around 30€ ?

of course a DAC assiociated with a Raspberry and Volumio sound really great ! The system is optimised to get the best from your hardware.
Please read more about Volumio on this site.
For the DAC, I suggest you to have a look at : list-i2s-dacs-for-raspberry-t1103.html
There is two family of DAC : USB and i2s
I2S are known to avoid USB limitation, but for some model you need a bit of soldering…

Thank’s, i looked ans non i don’t know between hifiberry and the wolfson audio card
Which have the best, which is easier to mount and most important is which is fully compatible with volumio ?

Be careful (Faites Attention) you will need DAC’s compatible with RPi B+ model.

I don’t think either the hifiberry or the wolfson audio card for B+ are on sale yet.

Oh, ok thx men ! I will wait