Bluetooth & Volumio 2

Hi Everybody,

I’m finding it difficult to get a straight answer on this:

(I am setup with Volumio2, Rasp Pi3 & HIFIBERRY DAC+PRO)

Am I able to connect via bluetooth with my phone let’s say to the Rasp Pi3 built-in Bluetooth and output audio with Volumio2 through the HifiBerry Board?

All help is appreciated? :slight_smile:


If Volumio is supposed to be the audio operating system for the Raspberry Pi than why doesn’t it have the option for Bluetooth?..Pi3 has Bluetooth. Obviously the developers of Volumio don’t give a shit :slight_smile:

With remarks like your last one, you are definitely not making many friends here, smiley or not…
If you’re still interested in a proper answer, I suggest you rephrase your “question” or go somewhere else.

If I re-phrase, will someone answer? I asked nicely the first time and no one replied.

Why not use wifi? And since this is freeware it’s up to the developer to prioritize. Don’t complain and insult. Volumio works great!

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