Bluetooth smartphone to Volumio primo hifi edition

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Posseggo Volumio Primo versione hifi. Ascolto attraverso il mio smartphone solo un paio di podcast che Volumio non inserisce come features, utilizzando l'antenna bluetooth di Volumio. Purtroppo, in modo random, il collegamento bluetooth cade, ed ogni volta devo ripristinarlo. Qualcuno sa spiegare perché accade questo e come posso risolvere il problema.


You will surely reach a wider audience, and be more likely to receive a reply, if you posted in English :wink: . Google translate does a pretty good job.

I have Volumio Primo hifi version. Through my smartphone, I only listen to a couple of podcasts that Volumio does not include as features, using the Volumio bluetooth antenna. Unfortunately, randomly, the bluetooth connection drops, and every time I have to restore it. Can anyone explain why this happens and how I can fix it.
Thank you

Are you sure that this is not simply a limitation of bluetooth iself? Maximum range about 10m, considerably less with obstacles (walls, metal, rf emissions).

thanks for your help. I usually listening inside a small room in a range about 3m.

anyone else just had the same problem? for me it’s terrible everytime repeat connection with BT, very very strange because some years ago I had simply BT receiver and I didn’t have any problem.