Bluetooth receiver

Hi everyone. Just a question: I’ ve done the upgrade to My Volumio Virtuoso so, I can use Volumio as a Bluetooth receiver. This is the question: does It work without network connection (example out in the street, directly from my phone) or not?
Thank you very much.

Not an absolute answer to your question, but if it does not you can always start wireless hotspot from your phone and get internet connection that way. I use my rpi4 via tablets hotspot almost exclusive.

Thank you! So, you’ te telling me I can control Volumio and hotspot it with only one device?

Yes, you can share connection from lets say your phone, and still connect and control your volumio device from that same phone.

Wow!!! This is great!!! Thank you!!!

Ok, i’ ve tried to hotspot Volumio with my IPhone but it doesn’ t feel my network.
What is the problem?
Thank you for patience…

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Have you tried to restart the volumio after you enable the hotspot?

Is the hotspot visible for other devices? If yes, can other devices connect to it and have working internet connection?

I don’t know about iPhones sadly, so i can only give general instructions, perhaps someone else knows more about the hotspot of iphone.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I’ ll try again.