Bluetooth, possible or impossible?

I’m looking desperately to use volumio which is installed on a raspberry 3 in bluetooth. I browsed the forum but I did not find a simple method to install and or activate it. Is there a tutorial that will explain how to do it?
Or should I use a player other than volumio? If so which one?
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It is possible. Have a look at tis thread: bluetooth-speaker-plugin-t7432-110.html#p62252

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I want to be able to control volumio in bluetooth from my android phone, not to connect a bluetooth device like speakers.

Volumio has bluetooth audio playback. This feature is available in a simple way if you enable MyVolumio :wink:

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i have activated the free myVolumio trial and the bluetooth input playback on one device.

I can not see my volumio as bluetooth device either on ios (13) or on Android (8.1).

Hardware is a Raspberry pi 3b with hifiberry Amp, without external bluetooth reciever.
Software is a fresh install of volumio 2.692 from 19.12.2019.

Do i have to activate bluetooth over ssh?
Is theire anyway to restart the bluetooth service or to analyse any logs?

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I have the same problem.
Can anyone help me??

Can you explane the “simpel” way.
I have just register nut can’t Find settings how to activate Bluetooth

I have the same issue: I have activated Bluetooth after a subscription to myvolumio but i dont understand how i can pair my phone to volumio… Can anyone help?

Restart your volumio instance. From your phone scan for Bluetooth devices, you should find your volumio as an endpoint

I possibly missunderstood this feature… i am searching for a solution to connect a bluetooth speaker! Is this possible?

Same here, just installed Volumio v 2.882 (comes with jessie) on a RasPi and would like to use an external BT speaker in place of the speaker connected to the 3.5mm jack currently with a short 10 cm cable. It works great with the wired speaker and I can control it from my Android phone. I’d like use a BT speaker and allow me to stream the music to it. Nothing more fancy than that.

If this is not possible, can anyone recommend a free service that will allow this? I’m only streaming radio and podcasts, no album, local music etc.

well it’s possible with rPi’s hardware, but you need to do a lot of customizations to the audio path. Pretty sure it will break other things.
Just google on “pi as BT transmitter”.

i just bought a long range bt transmitter from ali express
works great and hooked it on the 3.5 mm jack output (on my dac)

Could you share a link to what you got, this sounds interesting, thanks!

Thanks, that’s one search I haven’t done, most of my have contained “volumio bluetooth”, I will give this a try.

I think I have the BT device set up (e.g., paired), but I don’t know how to select and connect the given BT headphones from the command line with jessie - that will be my next thing to look up.

@levon you could even connect 2 devices

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Super, thanks for sharing.

no problem it’s better than the 10 meter you normal get…

not sure if it will be available as output device in Volumio? should I expect. And you can always hook-up a BT TX-RX device, which will work for sure.

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Thanks, never even considered this as an option (honestly, didn’t even know this was available, I’m using a BT dongle). One more thing to investigate. I appreciate the lead.