Bluetooth playing stop after 1 minute

Did a fresh installation of 2.657 on a RPv3B+ with HifiBerry DACPlus.
I can make a bluetooth connection both from my laptop and phone.
However when I start playing audio through bluetooth, I only hear briefly (about 1 minute) sound.
The Volumio webpage says it’s playing bluetooth (BT sign is shown), but only silence… Only after a reboot the sound is back, but still only for one minute.
Since there is no configuration for this new feature, I don’t know what to do or where to look.
I’ve tried is with the built-in bluetooth as wel with an external Bluetooth dongle. The builtin bluetooth is even worse.

It is the only reason for me to have a MyVolumio subscription. I’ll be glad tot pay for it when it is working, but without the BT working, there is no point for me to keep the subscription.
Anything I can do right now to get this working?

Hi Waterham, thanks for your feedback.
To understand what goes wrong and then fix it, we need some more info.

May I ask you to:

This way we can pinpoint the exact issue and fix it

Okay, I think I found the problem.
Because the playing stopped after a while, I suspected my Raspberry Pi got overloaded.
Allthough I could not find anything in the logs. But I got my self a brand new RaspberryPi4 with a Raspberry Pi Power Supply and installed the same system. Bluetooth playing is stable now!
I guess the RPv4 has more power, perhaps it is de new power supply. Who knows, but I’m pretty sure it is NOT the Volumio software.
So @MichelAngelo, don’t investigate this any longer, because it is not related tot you excellent software!

Got my self another problem now. Not related to Volumio, but perhaps you have a tip for me. I’m playing a Google Home device through Bluetooth / Volumio. I cannot set the Google Home too loud because the internal speaker of the Google Home will be too loud. However the audio level from the Google Home (through BT/Volumio) is too low. I hardly hear anything. Unfortunately the sound levels on the Google Home cannot be set independently. Is there a way in Volumio or PulseAudio to set the volume of the BT source louder, independently from the “normal” Volumio audiosources?