Bluetooth Input Playback Issue

I managed to connect my Android Phone to Volumio’s Bluetooth Input Playback. However, I am getting terrible noisy sound out of it - not bad like in difference between MP3 and CD, but more like FM radio in an underground parking garage - mostly noise, barely identifiable music.
I had this issue with 16-bit sources, for which the solution was to resample to 24-bit using Volumio’s Playback Options. However the Bluetooth input seems to bypass the resampler. Could this be the case? If so, can this be fixed?
Thanks in advance for the help!

Some background info: My DAC (PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC) had to be repaired, during which a new mainboard was installed. PS Audio says that the Firmware revision for that new board has issues with Volumio - my issue is that I couldn’t connect at all using USB!!! I had to add an “I²S over HDMI” module to my RPI 3+ to connect via the I²S port, with the caveat that it will only play very noisy 16-bit audio. 24 bit plays perfectly, as does DSD