Blocking ads on radio stations? (RPi)

Is there a solution for blocking ads on the radio stations, e.g. a Volumio plug-in or a service which can run on Debian?

I could of course add a separate RPi running Pi-Hole to my network but for now I would just like to block ads on the RPi itself and only for radio stations.

I suspect this is pretty much impossible to implement, since how do you distinguish between an ad and other audio? I do note that absolute radio does contain ad info in its data, so you could do something here, but how often is this information broadcast from the various providers.

I doubt Pihole is able to help you here either.

Btw, would you be happy to listen to silences in your streams (when an ad is playing)?

The ad blocking on my Mac (Youtube, internet radio, Spotify, etc) seems to work in such a way that the ads are skipped altogether and there is just content left (no silent pauses). I was hoping that a similar result would be possible with Volumio radio.

To answer your question, yes I would prefer silence to hearing the ads. The ads make me run for the controls to change station every time. I can’t stand them.

It’s definitely possible. I have a custom YouTube app that not only skips ads but distinguishes self-promotion segments, “don’t forget to subscribe”, etc (stuff spoken by the same person doing the video/podcast) and skips them, and it does it very well.

Yep, but this is a specific example from one source, not a general solution, which is what I thought the OP was asking for.

@Voluminous no idea how that would work unless there is something that identifies an ad in the radio stream.

My hope was that the content was not all part of one stream, but that might be wishful thinking. Unfortunately I know nothing about internet radio.

Easy option would be to check if your favourite radio station has an ad free subscription. :wink:

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Unfortunately I listen to around 20 stations regularly, and many of them want €10/month. That’s a hard pass from me :slight_smile:

Seems to be possible to implement something using Pihole, e.g.

I might give that a try.