Bitperfect on lower volume

If you mean Volumio, yes it does have a sw volume control. And @balbuze is saying the it should be better in Volumio 3.xx. Bitperfect on lower volume - #14 by balbuze

Better how? What’s wrong with it?

The Volumio doc pages suggest not using the sw volume control: Volume Control and audio quality - Volumio Documentation
It was @balbuze who said it’s not that bad and Volumio 3.xx will be better. @balbuze did not go into details except to say 3.xx will be 24 bit.

I am only guessing but, maybe the the 2.xx Volume control bit depth is determined by the I/C signal; 16 bit if 44.1/16 and 24 bit if 96/24. The 3.xx version might always run at 24 bit. It would still be a problem for MQA. In that case the hw volume control is possible for a lot off DACs.

In fact if your DAC supports hw volume control, it’s the best option for GUI based control.