Better USB than Raspberry


Does anyone have any suggestion for an extension module, which upgrades the USB level of the raspberry?
I already asked the hifiberry team if they plan to develop this module - unfortunately not in their plans now.
I also have seen the reclocker - to be honest I don’t want to spend this money - and possible would be better to have a perfect USB signal from the beginning (I mean directly from raspberry.)

So the quesiton if you know any module which gives this function?


That would be a question for the people who manage development of the R Pi platform.
I think the USB shortcomings are the main reason that DAC Hats are the preferred means of getting good audio out of the R Pi.

Unless you have an RPi4, in which case the USB is almost as good as it gets for audio, and therefore USB DACs like the Khadas Tone Board.

Thansk for the answers. I thought a solution like the hifiberry digi+ pro (just not with coax+ spdif output, but USB).
I have RPI4 and the sound is not bad (really detailed) but the tonality and musicaliy of the hifiberry is nicer.
(I mean if I connect my dac with coax or with USB

possibly the problem is with my DAC (upgraded/modded chinesses ES9038PRO or with the USB module (X208).

Anyway the R/L sides are changed - where should I try to find the issue?
Thanks again