Better podcast support

Hi there,
Firstly - I love my volumio build on cheap hifi DAC+.

I have added Podcast plugin. It has only basic functions. What could be improved:

  • Description of episodes

  • backing up podcast station list

  • information about Podcast

  • option to add podcasts easier - maybe like fav radios through tree dot menu

  • episodes counting (on the main podcast page) to know there is a new episode

  • podcast stations reordering

  • basically the options like Podcast Addict app on Google play

Miso, Slovakia

It looks like a slightly heavy project. What is a DAC+ is it like an Arduino, only with everything built in or what? Can you please explain what your build consists of?

I really like to build something on arduino when there is nothing to do. Arduino allows you to do literally anything. So far, I have managed to successfully make 2 projects. However, they are not all as useful as they are interesting. One project consists of two it’s just a cool clock with an alarm clock. The second project is a recording device for podcasts. True, the sound quality is very terrible, but I think as an experiment it is very successful. Maybe I’ll even write down a real podcast on how to work with Arduino, but first I’ll need to read the guide, for example, from here because I don’t know anything about how to host my podcast. It’s probably better to make a video clip.