Beta4 scan CIFS NAS library fail


I can’t get an indication that Volumio tries to update/scan the library. On 1.55 I got the updating spinner for browsing, but here’s nothing.

Would be nice to know if something’s happening, because my new amp/dac requires a newer kernel than 1.55 provides and now I can’t even test if Volumio2 works :frowning:


I can confirm the update starts, without any indication, and then fails at some point as someone reported for Beta1.

The new USB shows up as “Audio” and I can confirm it does actually work. This means I will also test it with 1.55, as I figured it would show up as “DAC” like my previous DAC.

Tested it with the Beta 3 as well, unfortunately, i have still the same error.
With a clean install of 1.55 on the same system no problems.