Beta User Interface missing System Shutdown & Settings

I updated to the most recent version of Volumio today and noticed the opportunity to try the new beta user interface and gave it a go. I’m using the most current version of Windows 10.0.18362 and Firefox 68.0.1 and a Pi3 with Allo Boss. After a restart of the Pi, the new interface came up and I had an entertaining hour playing our music, but couldn’t find the settings gear, or a modern three dot replacement, or any power symbol or command option that would let me shutdown the Pi when I was finished. I noticed the need for a scroll bar on the new left side menu. If I reduce the size of the window, options are hidden and I can’t get to them without enlarging. If the settings options I’m looking for are down at the bottom - they are invisible to me. I would also like to update the reference for the music library to go directly to my directory list instead of starting off with ‘NAS’, then NAS Music, then the directories. This might be a mount point issue that I don’t have an interface to fix, but perhaps I can get it done with the music library settings.

With no access to the settings I’m rather locked out without reloading the OS. I hate to crash the system, but I see no options.

Thought you should know…

I am not bothered by it but you may have to present your question or problem by going to the link below :wink:


Thanks for the re-direct. I have made the appropriate entry there.