Best way to use volumio on old android tablet?


I plan to use an old android tablet as a dedicated streaming controller. I have the volumio app on my phone, but I don’t think there is a special tablet version for it. I am also not too fond of the app honestly.

What do you guys use on tablets? Just the web browser (which one?), or buy the app?

The Sound@home app does it for me.

Hi Joost,
since the beginning I am using MPDroid App. I use it on tablet and mobile, cause you can sort the cover wall to name of artist or to year of album. I prefer using year of album. The App works perfectly with local jpg covers. But you have to structure and tag everything. All cover art have to have the same name like cover.jpg. I have folder for each artist and then one folder for an album with the jpg in it.
I am using a pi 3+ with an ODAC and self build stabilised power supply with 3 Outputs.