Best RPi DAC with XLR out

Hi all, I have been reading along for a while on this & other forums. I now have the following query:

I am looking for the best value for money RPi DAC with XLR output (ideally balanced), to send signal to a power amp. The only solution I found was BerryNOS RED which appears to be discontinued: … er=product

The other solution I found is Tjaeke’ls Lyrebird - I have contacted Tjaekel to find out more.

And then there is the latest Audiophonics Sabre based DAC: audiophonics-i2s-dac-sabre-es9023-two-types-t3095-10.html but I am wondering whether unblanaced RCA to XLR is as good as a balanced XLR output of the Lyrebird?

I welcome your views and do let me know if I have missed any other options!