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Hello, 6 months ago, I’ve purchased an external usb dac in order to “refresh” my “old” hifi system. The old hifi system is based on a Yamaha amp and two Tannoy gold monitors. I’ve finally decided to go for a Topping DX3 pro dac which is a kind of “Swiss knife” product. The plan was first to use a mini windows pc and the foobar 2000 dsd player. Unfortunately, this solution was not stable… So, the question was simple, either to buy an expensive hi res player from the market (closed and fixed) or to buy a Rpi 4 driven by Volumio (open and evolutive)? You definitevely know the answer and probabely will understand why I’m here :slight_smile:

Goedemorgen en welkom vanuit Nederland :wink: Back to English, if you run into anything just ask the forum, someone’s bound to know the answer :ok_hand:t4:

hey, i’ve also encountered this kind of problem…

In all honesty, both options can be acceptable. Since the Pi’s go for about 40 Euros (2Gb model) plus charger (and maybe a case), I’d start there. That is, if you already have the DAC and it’s supported :wink: you can always go for the expensive streamer and repurpose the Pi :roll_eyes:

Look at the Asus Tinkerboard S which can run Volumio and gives superb sound quality via USB output.