Best expiriences with witch Player?

Dear Volumio Forum Members

I Play to update me Account, (Virtuoso/or SuperStar) so for listening HighQuality Music. now running with a Raspberry Pi 3 +Hifiberry Dac+ and i think this arn’t fast enought? Please can you consider me any Hardware requerment eq Raspberry 4 ? so that i need that are possible to connect this with Hifi so that i have the best Audio Quality.

I running now with Volumio 2.668 (since now :slight_smile: with me Raspberry Pi 3 and i see that the Audio Quality from the Internet Radio-Streames are not so amazing… this i know are not a Problem from Volumio, i think this are more from the deliverer from this Stream. are this mutch better if i running with the Service from Virtuoso or SuperStar?

I will search any opportunities so that i can share the biggest nicest improvment from the Audio Quality.
Hopfully i wish a nice Discussion, and still iam open for any direction :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hi, I am using a Pi3b+ (better than 4b imo), an Allo Boss and ultra low noise power supply.

The Allo Boss is superb but when I connected the new power supply, more expensive than the other two combined, it was amazing.

I am using high-end amps and speakers and you have to factor that into the final sound but just keep experimenting.

Good luck

PS, if forgot to add all my files are flac/DSD from 16/44 to 24/196. No mp3 in my house, lol

Hello Johnrxx99
First thanks for your answer, i was whery happy.

please about ultra linear power Supply , that you explain i have see on Ebay about aprox. 50 US$ are this level that you mean?
i run this moment with the Standard Supply from Rapsi,
—>> … SwdGJatLiI

and you have ripped all your CD’s to Flac DSD, or you drive with the service from Volumio Virtuoso/SuperStar?
yes i’am always running with Highend equipment and iam whit me Setup very happy…

the Standard Equipment from Raspi was not so force, so tomorrow i will order this Allo Boss interface card, and possible the PowerSupply.

Thanks for you Answer
Best regards

Hello again.

A very similar power supply with an upgraded transformer. Even better is Sbooster, a UK brand but very expensive.

I’ve ripped to flac or downloaded in flac and some DSD.

Good luck

I use an RPI 3 with the excellent Allo Boss DAC.
As power supply I use the ultra low-noise dual power module from There is no more of mine, but this one is even better! … 14ax2.html
I feed the RPI and the BOSS separately.

As a power supply I use this excellent power supply from iFi Audio - It’s fantastic!
Already with this alone, the sound is a lot better.
The top module of is an extra option and the sound is even better.
From my point of view, the iFi power power supply is very recommendable and very easy to use.

Amp and speakers etc. see signature :wink: