Best cheap amp for jbl 530

So I am considering buying the jbl 530 and am not sure what amplifier would be enough for them, and I also don’t wanna spend a lot of money. Can you give me your recommendations for a very cheap amp? Like as cheap as you can think of.

Also do you think I could flip the speakers horizontaly? I don’t really have the space underneath my monitors, so…

quickest way is do a search on the speakers on youtube, hopefully they will give pointers to amp requirements, then do another search for cheap amps, there are some “reasonable” amps going for under $50 according to one youtuber

Those speakers have fairly low efficiency and can handle quite a bit of power.
Power - 125 Watts
Impedance - 6 Ω
Sensitivity - 86 dB

You’re probably going to want at least an amp that can deliver 50W into 8 ohms if you hope to play them loud. Of course that depends on room size and the type of music you like to play.

I found a review here:

It makes some suggestions for integrated amps that should work (they seem to be on the lower end of the power output range though).
" The JBL Studio 530 speakers should perfectly get along with integrated amplifiers such as the NAD D3020, NAD C356 DAC, Yamaha R-S500, Magnat MC20, Onkyo CR-N755, Cambridge Audio 651A, Cambridge Audio Minx Xi or Arcam Solo Mini for instance.
The different combination possibilities are numerous since these speakers will deliver a satisfactory sound with only 20 Watts, regardless of the type of music."

It may require some experimentation to get them sounding right on their sides but it should be possible.
As for amps, the SMSL SA100 and SA96 come to mind.