Beginning Of Songs Cut Off

Hi, I am having an issue whereby when I select an individual track to play the first fraction of a second of the track is cut off. This obviously isn’t a problem when there is some lead in silence but on tracks where the music starts immediately then it is very annoying because the start of the song is cut off.

However this does not happen if the track is in a playlist, in this situation the transition from the previous track to this one is fine and nothing is cut off. It only appears to be the first track in a playlist or an individual track that exhibits this problem. Also it doesn’t appear to matter what format the track is in either, flac, mp3 and ogg files seem to exhibit the same behaviour.

I have tried all the kernel profiles in the system menu but none seemed to make any difference.

The system in question is Volumio v1.55 on a Raspberry Pi (model B) with an Audiophonics ES9023 I2s DAC. The audio files are stored on a server.

If anyone has any advice I would be most grateful.

Absolutly same problem here!
I updated the cache to 30% but its strange i have to say.
Audiophonics ES9023 on Odroid or rpi 1 same issue

What happens if you increase the buffer before play size?

It could also be that your system starts muted to prevent noise from your speakers when nothing is playing, or do you also have it when a song is already playing?