I wanted to put in a hearty recommendation for the Python application “Beets” -

You have to install python etc., but it’s easy - just follow the instructions!

This is amazing to really organize the music library on Volumio. It automatically detects your music and pulls in the correct information from MusicBrainz, Discogs, etc. - and properly tags and organizes your files and directories. It’s very simple to use, but also very configurable and powerful so you can get your music organized just how you like it.

It’s really amazing and I couldn’t deal with my large library of music without it.

It’s so good, it should become part of the Volumio installation!!!

The is a EXCELLENT find.!!

I hope it will someday be a part of Volumio

Hello I am working on the installation of the Beets software on Volumio 1.4 and Raspberry. I have issues at the beginning of the installation. I mean when you try to run the “beet config -e” or “beet config -p” it seems that the command is not implemented.

Any suggestion?

It was included in RaspyFi, but then I dropped it because noone seemed to care…
It deserves a webUI integration however… Not many users can go through command line…

Do you think the lack of interest was the result of not understanding what beets was about?

The name alone might throw some people off…

I think it comes with its own web gui

It has a web gui - but not for controlling the tagging etc. - you need to use beets on the command line to use it to organize the library.

The web GUI is actually a streaming server - i.e. you can play back your music by streaming it to your browser. This might be handy for when you want to play your music NOT via volumio, but something like on your phone directly. It’s not really a great UI, but it’s functional and an easy solution if you want to play back your library in a web browser…

The beets config command doesn’t work. Not sure why the documentation isn’t updated.

You can edit it using nano. Beets doesn’t install a config file, you have to create one yourself if you want to use plugins or set things to other than their default.

The organizational abilities of beets make it well worth the time investment to learn it!!!

I did a try of beets , but on my computer…working with Ubuntu. First thing, beet config -e does not work. You have to manually create the config file.
Once it is done, it work well. I re-tag my mp3 stored on my nas and used by Volumio.
So now, I’m not sure (in my case) that it is useful to do tagging from Volumio…

+1 for Beets

It’s a great software to manage (even) huge collections. I used it to free myself from logitech/squeezebox server music management features.
Now I’m trying volumio to achieve the same goal with playback features :slight_smile:


I have just discovered beets.
It is really amazing thing and definitely must be in volumio. Also a web-ui would be good for new users.
We are hoping to see soon