Been nearly 24 hours loading Music Library

TWO questions :
1 - So, you have found that volumio freezes if there are two pics in every folder (cover and back, as in my Foobar setup) ?
2 - More, is it mandatory to include the (cover) pic in the tags ?
I will try that on a backup disk, but later, as I’m leaving for a very long trip.

Hi Michele and other goodwill guys,
I am still unable to recover my albums list from an HDD.
Its HDD structure has directories AND subdirectories …maybe sub-sub ones and so on.
Is there any importance about the number of levels in the dir. structure ?
That might be an explanation.
For the moment I am far away and cannot check, but it does not keep me from thinking !

As written elsewhere in this forum, I have found corrupted files, and files with wrong title (or even no title).
To discover that, I used this small program : audiotester, in
At last I can read my 2Tb external disk on Volumio.
However, the album list is vey slow to load and not alphabetically sorted : why ?

Do you have file types other than those tested by ‘audiotester’? You have not supplied a system log file in any of your posts.

Would you share some system logs please?

Preferable from a fresh reboot, and after a rescan.

Sorry again.
Delete the previous log.
“ketalar’s after reboot and rescan”
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