BeagleBone + Volumio 1.5 + SPI

Hello all,

This may be oriented more to BeagleBone Black than volumio OS, but I will need help with enabling the SPI port 0 or 1. I attempted to do the instructions on the following link without success, … black.html

But when I reboot the BBB, I try “ls -al /dev/spidev*”, there is no spi devices on the /dev directory. Do anyone has successfully enabled the SPI on the Beaglebone using Volumio 1.5? I really need this for my TFT LCD project =)

Hi, I was able to enable the SPI0 device. But in order to enable the SPI 1 device, I will need to disable the HDMI and eMMC. I wrote the following lines on the uEnv.txt found on the sdcard on my windows host,

##BeagleBone Black:
##Disable HDMI/eMMC

##Enable SPIDEVx:

Then I installed the sdcard back to the BBB and power on. But when I check if there is any /dev/spi* devices present, there are none and the hdmi is still enabled. Is there any additional steps that Im missing that needs to be done on volumio image?