BBC Radio

I have Volumio on a Raspberry pi 2 with a hifiberry DAC + and its brilliant at playing my music stored on a Synology NAS. :smiley:
To convince my wife it was a worthwhile expense I need to get the BBC Radio streams to play.
Ive looked around and cant find the correct URLs anywhere so does anyone have playlist files to go into the WEBRADIO folder to make at least BBC Radios 1 to 5 work?
Please !!!

Typical isnt it ?
Having posted this I browsed a little more and found an answer :wink:
The place I found the URLs is ā€¦ adio-urls/
And I put the URLs into a file containing ā€¦

File1= < or whatever the URL is >
Title1=BBC Radio One

Hi, at the risk of sounding dull. Hoe exactly did you do that?
Iā€™m a complete newbie and Iā€™m also trying to convince the wife, but I cant even get bbc radio 1 to work?