BBC Radio gone during upgrade?

I’ve just upgraded to v2.619 and my webradio favourites no longer worked

Selecting the favourites for BBC Radio 1 / 2 or 6 just played “georestricted.enUS.mp3” telling me that the BBC radio station isn’t available in my country… and yep, I’m based in the UK :slight_smile:

I’m not using TOR or a VPN, so it’s not like Volumio is appearing to be somewhere else in the world.

Re-searching for those stations returns nothing (although other stations are listed).

I have since (manually) added the stations that I listen to, via the “My Web Radios” item (using

But, this seems like something has “broken” and I’ve used a workaround… has something changed?


Nothing changed on Volumio. It’s possible that the link changed again. I suggest to find again the URL and re add it

Strangely, the favourites worked before the upgrade (it is used daily as a wakeup alarm)

If I now search for “BBC”, I see a limited set of stations with several missing

I have manually added some via “My Web Radios”, but where is the full list of web radios stored, because that appears to need updating / refreshing

It might be something similar to what’s happened for TuneIn, depending on which streams you’re actually connecting to? … ms_pulled/

Interesting… I’d not seen that :smiley:

But other BBC stations are listed, just not the one’s I’m after (typical :wink:):
Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 12.30.25.png